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Recipe For Hate

Recipe For Hate
American Jesus
Portrait Of Authority
Man With A Mission
All Good Soldiers
Watch It Die
Struck A Nerve
My Poor Friend Me
Don't Pray On Me
Modern Day Catastrophists

Recipe For Hate

 can't you feel it can't you see it
the promise of prosperity
it's overwhelming you and me
it afflicts us like a disease
ubiquitous compelling too
we cling to you like crazy glue
and inject such a potent seed
it's best for all humanity
the spread of culture
the sword of progress
the vector of suffrage
a warm and septic breeze
the pomp and elation
the duty and vocation
the blood of the hybrid
it's just a recipe
re-living our ancestry
the frightful lack of harmony
our fore-fothers who led the way
their victims are still here today
now it's time to erase the story
of our bogus fate
our history as it's portrayed
it's just a recipe for hate


everywhere I look I see
exclusive huddled
uninviting shelter
is privilege
of the same and competent
kerosene keeps me warm
I'm alone to watch it burn
exposure is a pitiful
and pointless way of dying
before it gets me
I'll set a funeral pyre
kerosene keeps me warm
I'm alone to watch it burn
i'm a man and
my dignity won't wave
Tonight buildings rage!
kerosene keeps me warm
it feels so good
to watch it burn kerosene
kerosene keeps me warm
feels so good
to watch it burn kerosene

American Jesus

i don't need to be a global citizen
because i'm blessed by nationality
i'm member of a growing populace
we enforce our popularity
there are things that
seem to pull us under
and there are things
that drag us down
but there's a power
and a vital presence
thats lurking all around
we've got the american Jesus
see him on the interstate
we've got the american Jesus
he helped build the
president's estate
i feel sorry
for the earth's population
'cuz so few
live in the U.S.A.
at least the foreigners
can copy our morality
they can visit but they cannot stay
only precious few
can garner the prosperity
it makes us walk
with renewed confidence
we've got a place to go when we die
and the architect resides right here
we've got the american Jesus
overwhelming millions every day
(exercising his authority)
he's the farmers barren fields
the force the army wields
the expession in the faces
of the starving children
the power of the man
he's the fuel that drives the clan
he's the motive and conscience
of the murderer
he's the preacher on t.v.
the false sincerity
the form letter that's written
by the big computers
he's the nuclear bombs
and the kids with no moms
and i'm fearful that
he's inside me

Portrait Of Authority

nothing more nothing less
an icon on the wall decoration and
that which many strive to be
its the merble statue standing over me
and nobody has the will to tear it down
it determines wrong and right
but to me its just a stereotype
and it makes us lose our sight
the portait of authority
you tell me
that's what im supposed to be
(it embodies what he cannot be)
another time another man
and oppressive intrusion
and a plague across his land
and it haunts him every day
it tells him he has no chance
his hopes just fade away
and he can't muster the support
and to him it's just a stereotype
of his life-long fight

Man With A Mission

rescue me when I get too deep,
talk to me there's nothing to tell,
Everyone, is a hydocrite,
look to me,
I'll save your soul
Now somebody out there must be
reading my mail
Cuz' everybody knows
I'm a man with a mission,
coming to your town today,
I can damm you to fiery perdition,
Cuz' I'm a man with a mission
Follow me, when you give up,
Work for me, it'll serve you well
Everyone is a hydocrite, come to me,
I'll save your soul
Now somebody out there must be
tapping my phone,
Cuz everybody knows
I'm a man with a mission,
I'm gonna fly you away,
high above the noise and competition,
yeah I'm a man with a mission,
Passing through your town today
I condemn you
to fiery perdition,
yeah I'm a man with a mission

All Good Soldiers

all good soldiers crack like boulders
The sun climbs up to a razon,
violins, new boots, and numbers on a chain
All good soldiers
all good soldiers fall in line
when they march and shout-
are a spectacle
marching and singing-
will go abnywhere the president says-
because the president believes in god-
like all good soldiers wait like warheads-
When the fighting starts who will
be accountable, a cannibal, a cannoball
It's six A.M. I can see my breath
and the clay dirt
is laughing at the weekling boy-
today is the day
that I'll write my friends
its something I've been
trying to remenber-
I had a dream of a wall
that was twenty-one stories tall...
All good soldiers fall in line
when they march and shout-
are a respectable
marching and signing-
will go anywhere the president says-
because the president believes in god-
like all good soldiers should

Watch It Die

i was born on planet earth
the rotating ball whre man comes first
it's been around for a long time
but now its time to watch it die
i saw a man on my big blue screen
he ruled the world economy
he said the rich would never concede
but some day soon he'll be put to sleep
i've seen the life of the forest green
and adaptations of the deep blue sea
and who knows who is the fittest
they will all soon be put to rest
on a plunging flight and we're sitting
in the pilots seat in the midst of life
people on a dark horizon praying
somebody will save their lives
i was born on the planet earth
at a drastic time full of plastic mirth
and every day i've seen increasing signs
and you would too if you'd opened your eyes
you had a chance you did not try
so now it's time to watch it die

Struck A Nerve

there's an old man on a city bus
holding a candy cane
and it is'nt even christmas
he see's a note in the obituary
that his last friend has died
there's an inflant clinging
to his overweight mother in the cold
as they go to shop for cigarettes
as the spends her last dollar
on a bottle of vodka for tonight
and i guess it struck a nerve
like i had to squint my eyes
you can never get out
of the line of sight
like a barren winter day
or a patch of unburned green
like a tragic real dream
i guess it struck a nerve
every day i wander
in negative disposition
as i'm bombarded by superlatives
that i am not alone
i look to tomorrow for salvation
but i'm thinking altruistcally
and a wave of overwhelming doubt
turns me to stone
and i guess it thought my heart
we just haven't got time
to crack the maze
like a magic speeding clock
or a cancer in our cells
a collision in the dark
i guess it strunk a nerve
i try to close my eyes
but i cannot ignore the stimuli
if theres a purpose for us all
it remains a secret to me
don't ask me to justify my life

My Poor Friend Me

know a man
who doesnt have many friends
i know a place he lives
where trouble never ends
i know its hard for him
to read 'tween the lines
and his days are getting so much shorter
he simply turns away
instead of bearing down
his ship is crumbling
his crew is one of clowns
he doesnt care
as long as he can wear the crown
i know this man all too well
its my poor friend me
a portrayal of the great dichotomy
(a reminder of a tragic history)
its my poor friend me
and im running out of steam
i know there are people
who are cynical and vane
they point their finger
'cuz they can't accept the blame
they live their lives
under a blanket of shame and their progeny
crawl from underneath it
lately i've come
to see the solution
and it begins with me
but i'm so fallibly human
i've picked the lot


suddenly, it came to me
a potent dosage of reality
i saw myself in the broad daylight
and it made me think
about life
im not the kinda guy
who nods his head
with closed eyes
i scoff at labels
i defy censuses
and despise group mentality
all along i through
that this was only human
but i know now that
i'm in the minority
i'm lookin' in
now i think in relation to
my fellow man
and what strives to do we fail to see
theres no compromise
our evolution
is our demise
one day you may find
that you are also one of me
a micrososm
of the human race
observing those around us
desiring to belong
behing the guise of salvation
we suffer along the way
we're lookin' in

Don't Pray On Me

a grizzly scene on my electron beam
told a story about human rights
so all of Kings horses
and all of Kings men
had a riot
for two days and nights
Well, the city exploded
but the gates wouldn't open
so the company asked him to quit
Now everybody's equal
Just don't measure it
Well Hanson did it hester
and Mark David did it to John
and maybe Jack dit it to Marilyn
but he did it to South Vietnam
for beauty and glory
for money, love and country
Everybody's doing it,
Don't do that to me
I don't know what stopped
Jesus Christ from turning
every hungry stone into bread
and i don't remember hearing
how Moses reacted
when the innocent first born sons
lay dead
Well I guess
God was a lot more demonstrative
back when he
flamboyantly parted the sea
now everybody's praying
Don't prey on me

Modern Day Catastrophists

take those potatoes out of your ear
listen to the warnings
verify all your fears
there's a world outside
that's ready to blow
and we're all to blame
when it finally explodes
you gotta listen up
gotta listen to what
they're telling you
gotta listen up and think
about what they're saying to you
they're the modern day catastrophists
they've got practical solutions
(know all the right equations)
they're the self-appointed
righteous pragmatists
and they know 50 ways
to save the world
what makes you think
you can cure our disease?
maybe its just our biology
maybe its time to make room
for another species
this is the 21st Century


Come let us make bricks
and burn them hard
We'll build a city
with a tower for the world
and climb so we can reach
anything at all
Build me up, Tear me down
like a skyscraper
Build me up, then tear down
These joining Walls
So they can't climb at all
I know why you tore it down that day
You throught, if you got caught
we'd all go away
Like a spoiled little baby
who can't come out to play
You had your revenge
Build me up, tears me down
like a skyscraper
Build me up, then tear down
these joining walls
So they can't climb at all